State House – Energy Design Build

The overall scope of the project is to make the State House become more energy efficient and comfortable by upgrading the heating /cooling system, plumbing and lighting systems.



state house energy collage

Contractor: JF White Contracting Company
Estimated Project Cost: $30,000,000
Estimated Annual Cost Savings: $476,465

Annual savings:

  • Electricity (kWh) – 2.18 million
  • Natural gas (therms) – 34,000
  • Water (gallons) – 2.77 million
  • CO2 (metric tons) – 1,090

Project goals:

  • Make the State House more energy efficient and comfortable
  • Automate lighting, heating, and cooling controls

Project Features

  • New fan coil units
  • New lighting fixtures
  • New air handling units
  • New toilet fixtures
  • New faucet fixtures
  • New building automation system
  • New lighting automation system
  • New CO2 sensors for spaces and air handlers
  • Rain water harvesting for use in cooling system

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