Tobacco Product Manufacturers 2018 Certification

Find the instructions, notices, and forms needed to complete certification with the Attorney General's Office.

Important Legal Notice to all Tobacco Product Manufacturers (TPMs)

All Tobacco Product Manufacturers should read the following notices:


The forms are provided in a fillable PDF format, which allows the form to be completed on the computer screen, and then printed as filled out. The user still must sign the completed form, include all required attachments, and mail in the form.

2018 Tobacco Product Manufacturer (TPM) Certification (M.G.L. c.94f) (2017 sales): 

2018 Quarterly Certificate of Escrow Deposit Form (M.G.L. c. 94F § 4(e))  (2018 sales): 

2018 Notice of Appointment of Registered Agent (M.G.L. c. 94F § 3):

2018 TPM Excel Spreadsheet from the Massachusetts Directory

Pursuant to Part III.A of the TPM Certification Form, a TPM submiting an annual certification form must download, complete, and submit the TPM's Excel spreadsheet listing the Brand Styles and RYO Brand Families it currently lists on the Massachusetts Tobacco Product Directory. Manufacturers seeking an initial certification of their products or a supplemental certification form, should download, complete, and submit the Product Certification Template. Each TPM's spreadsheet and the Product Certification Template are provided below. 

TPM Listing

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