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Awarded Procurements

Fiscal 2018

Cash Management Treasury Custody Services 2017 BD-18-1108-TREAN-ANF00-17729 Awarded    
Information Technology TRE IT 2017 PPS RFR BD-18-1108-TREAN-ANF00-18155 Awarded    
MCWT RFR for Bond Counsel Legal Services BD-18-1108-TREWP-WPA00-22656 Awarded Winning Bid: Hinckley Allen & Snyder Cost Proposal:  $45,000 for Issuance of Series 21 Bonds

Fiscal 2017

Deferred Compensation Custom Glidepath Services 2017 BD-17-1108-TREAN-ANF00-14317 Awarded    
MCWT RFR for Financial Advisory Services BD-17-1108-TREWP-WPA00-17155 Awarded    
Debt Management Request for Qualifications: Pre-Qualification of Firms BD-17-1108-TREAN-ANF00-10207 Awarded    
EEO EETF Tax Prep RFQ 2016 BD-17-1108-TREAN-ANF00-00000009140 Awarded    
Information Technology Electronic Licensing and Tracking System BD-17-1108-TREAN-ANF00-10385 Awarded    
MCWT RFR for Underwriting Services BD-17-1108-TREWP-WPA00-12273 Awarded Winning Bid: Citigroup Global Markets, Inc.  
MCWT Request for Responses to Serve as Bond Counsel BD-17-1108-TREWP-WPA00-12058 Awarded    
MCWT Investment Advisory Services BD-17-1108-TREWP-WPA00-10406 Awarded    
MSRB TRE RFR SRB ELECTION 2016 BD-17-1108-TREAN-ANF00-00000009032 Awarded    

Fiscal 2016

Cash Management Banking Services RFR 2016 BD-16-1108-TREAN-ANF00-00000008589 Awarded    
Unclaimed Property Unclaimed Property Audit Services RFQ 2016 BD-16-1108-TREAN-ANF00-00000008798 Awarded    
Cash Management Small Business Banking Partnership Expansion 2015 - 2016 BD-16-1108-TREAN-ANF00-00000005632 Awarded    
Deferred Compensation Passive Index Services - REIT & International Equity BD-16-1108-TREAN-ANF00-00000008855 Awarded    
Deferred Compensation Real Return Investment Services 2016 BD-16-1108-TREAN-ANF00-00000008201 Awarded    
Deferred Compensation Discretionary Consulting Services BD-16-1108-TREAN-ANF00-00000006567 Awarded    
Deferred Compensation 15-DC-Legal Services BD-16-1108-TREAN-ANF00-00000005447 Awarded    
Deferred Compensation RFQ Custom Reporting and Document Services BD-16-1108-TREAN-ANF00-00000004718 Awarded    
IT TRE-002 Treasury IT EPMO RFQ BD-16-1108-1108C-1108L-00000007338 Awarded    
MCWT Arbitrage Rebate Compliance Services RFR BD-16-1108-TREWP-WPA00-00000008735 Awarded    
MCWT D1 & D2 SIFMA FRN RFP BD-16-1108-TREAN-ANF00-00000008290 Awarded    
MCWT Senior Managing Underwriter RFR BD-16-1108-TREAN-ANF00-00000008054 Awarded    
MCWT Senior Managing Underwriter BD-16-1108-TREAN-ANF00-00000007878 Awarded    
MCWT Financial Advisory Services RFQ BD-16-1108-TREAN-ANF00-00000007703 Awarded    
MCWT Variable Rate Demand Bonds RFP BD-16-1108-TREAN-ANF00-00000007531 Awarded    
MCWT Underwriter for 2016 Refundings BD-16-1108-TREWP-WPA00-00000006841 Awarded    
MCWT Credit Agreement/Direct Loan BD-16-1108-TREAN-ANF00-00000006540 Awarded    
MCWT SIFMA Floating Rate Notes BD-16-1108-TREAN-ANF00-00000006373 Awarded    
MCWT Bond Counsel BD-16-1108-TREWP-WPA00-00000006013 Awarded    
MCWT Escrow Bidding Agent BD-16-1108-TREAN-ANF00-00000005779 Awarded    
MCWT Legal Services - Program Counsel BD-16-1108-TREWP-WPA00-00000004974 Awarded    
MCWT Municipal Bond Underwriting Services BD-16-1108-TREWP-WPA00-00000004971 Awarded    
OEE PR48 Request for Quote - Treasury Translation Services BD-16-1108-TREAN-ANF00-00000008444 Awarded    
OEE Financial Education Opportunity Grant BD-16-1108-TREAN-ANF00-00000006627 Awarded    
OEE Financial Education Innovation Fund Grant BD-16-1108-TREAN-ANF00-00000006234 Awarded    
OEE Equal Pay Website BD-16-1108-TREAN-ANF00-00000006049 Awarded    
OEE Classification, Compensation and Pay Equity Study BD-16-1108-TREAN-ANF00-00000005494 Awarded    
Unclaimed Property UCP Print Pub 16 RFR BD-16-1108-TREAN-ANF00-00000007557 Awarded    
Unclaimed Property UCP - Graphic and Design Services BD-16-1108-TREAN-ANF00-00000006086 Awarded    

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