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Respond to your jury summons 

You can respond to your jury duty summons online, by mail, or over the phone.

Top 10 things prospective jurors should know about jury duty 

A list of the top things you should know about jury duty in Massachusetts.

Get help if you lose your jury summons 

Information on what you should do if you lose your jury summons.

Request to postpone your jury service 

If the date you've been summoned to jury service for is inconvenient, you can postpone your service to another date.

Request a medical disqualification from jury duty 

If you have a medical condition that prevents you from serving on a jury, learn how to request a medical disqualification.

Request a jury duty hardship transfer 

If serving jury duty at a particular courthouse would be a hardship for you, you can request a hardship transfer.

Request a caregiver disqualification from jury duty 

If you're the sole caregiver for a person with a medical disability in your household, you can request to be disqualified from jury duty.