Hydropower Project Screening Tool for Water Supply & Wastewater Treatment Facilities

A tool to assess in-conduit hydropower potential in existing water Infrastructure

Alden Research Laboratory, Inc. working on behalf of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) and the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) developed a screening tool for in-conduit (inside the pipe or channel) hydropower technologies with a focus on water infrastructure opportunities managed by municipalities or districts.  The screening tool enables users to complete a preliminary evaluation of hydropower generation potential at water supply and waste water treatment facilities. With facts about a specific system and location (such as pressure or head, and flow), a user will be able to estimate power generation potential and get some preliminary cost/benefit analysis results with the screening tool.  

Ann Lowery, 617/292-5846, ann.lowery@mass.gov
Mike DiBara, 508/767-2885, michael.dibara@mass.gov


Alden Labs
Greg Allen, 508/829-6000, ext. 6409, gallen@aldenlab.com

Table of Contents

Screening Tool

Background Materials

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