Memorandum  #20: Reinstatement to Service under G.L. c. 32 § 105

Date: 07/19/2019
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PERAC Memo #20, 2019

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To All Retirement Boards:


TO:                 All Retirement Boards

FROM:          John W. Parsons, Esq., Executive Director

RE:                Reinstatement to Service under G.L. c. 32 § 105

DATE:           July 18, 2019

We have updated the PERAC form entitled Application for Reinstatement to Service from Superannuation/Termination Retirement Pursuant to G.L. c. 32 § 105 that allows members to apply for reinstatement under this section.  The revised form is effective from July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020.

Since some members must repay large amounts and all members must work at least five years of full-time employment (though they need not necessarily earn five years of creditable service), interested individuals should carefully consider whether reinstatement is appropriate in their situations.  Boards should carefully counsel interested members to assure that they are aware of the requirements and benefits of this section.  Boards should complete the first portion of this form and provide it to such members.  Upon signing this form, the members are transformed from retiree status to member in service status.

We trust the foregoing is of assistance.  Any questions should be directed to the actuarial unit.  Note that due to spatial limitations on the form, we have only shown factors for the most commonly used investment return assumptions.  If your investment return assumption is not shown

Commission Members

Philip Y Brown, Esq., Chairman
Suzanne M. Bump
Kathleen M. Fallon
Kate Fitzpatrick
James M. Machado
Robert B. McCarthy
Jennifer F. Sullivan

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