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News Celebrate Endangered Species Day

Endangered Species Day will be observed on May 21. Celebrate by learning more about the peregrine falcon, the fastest bird in the world.
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  • MassWildlife's Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program
Peregrine falcon chicks with bands.

May 21 is Endangered Species Day. Join MassWildlife on this special day to recognize the 432 plants and animals that are considered rare in Massachusetts. MassWildlife's Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program (NHESP) helps conserve and protect these species through research, education, regulations, land protection, and more.

Peregrine falcons became extinct in Massachusetts around 1955, and MassWildlife has been working to restore their numbers since the 1980s. Learn more about peregrine falcons this Endangered Species Day with the following opportunities.  

Watch MassWildlife Band Peregrine Falcon Chicks 

MassWildlife will be honoring Endangered Species Day by banding peregrine falcon chicks at Monarch Place in Springfield. These leg bands will be used to monitor and track the distribution of the species. You can view live footage of the Monarch Place nests at any time.

Camera 1

Camera 2

To watch the live banding, tune into camera 2 at 2 p.m. on Friday, May 21.

Peregrine falcons are considered a species of special concern in Massachusetts. MassWildlife has been banding and monitoring peregrine falcons since 1987, and staff use this information to help conserve these special birds. Click here to learn more about peregrine falcons in Massachusetts

Attend the Virtual FalConference 

The public is invited to celebrate Endangered Species Day by attending the FalConference on May 21. Hosted by the UMass Amherst Du Bois Library Falcon team and their partners, Falconference is a free, virtual conference where all things peregrine falcon will be discussed. MassWildlife’s Endangered Species Review Biologist Dave Paulson and Dr. Tom French, former Assistant Director of NHESP, will be participating in two sessions: History of Peregrine Restoration and the Art and Science of Banding Wild Falcons. Registration is required for this conference, please register here. See the full schedule here.

Support Endangered Species Conservation 

On Endangered Species Day and every day of the year, you can make a difference in rare species conservation! Help MassWildlife monitor rare plants and animals by telling us when you see them. You can also make a big impact by donating directly to NHESP. Please consider making a donation today of $4.32 to honor the 432 animals and plants on the MA Endangered Species Act List. Find out more about reporting rare species and donating by visiting

Division of Fisheries and Wildlife 

MassWildlife is responsible for the conservation of freshwater fish and wildlife in the Commonwealth, including endangered plants and animals. MassWildlife restores, protects, and manages land for wildlife to thrive and for people to enjoy.

MassWildlife's Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program 

The Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program is responsible for the conservation and protection of hundreds of species that are not hunted, fished, trapped, or commercially harvested in the state, as well as the protection of the natural communities that make up their habitats.