News  Celebrating Hispanic and Latino Heritage Month

  • Massachusetts Office on Disability

September 15 – October 15 marks National Hispanic and Latino Heritage Month. At MOD, we celebrate the diverse disability community we serve, which includes over 200,000 Latino Massachusetts residents who have disabilities.

Over 37% of Latino adults in Massachusetts have a disability, compared with 22% of adults in Massachusetts overall. This group represents individuals with disabilities making our Commonwealth stronger by learning, working, exploring, raising families, and serving our shared communities. Hispanic and Latino disability rights leaders have worked hard to dismantle barriers and make Massachusetts, and the world at large, more accessible for us all.

MOD supports this work and the Latino disability community by informing Massachusetts residents of their rights and obligations under various disability laws. Latinos with disabilities can often face added barriers when accessing disability supports – and it’s MOD’s job to help dismantle those barriers.

If a person with a disability needs a reasonable accommodation to do their job or access their education, MOD is there to walk them through the process. MOD’s Client Assistance Program (CAP) raises awareness about vocational rehabilitation and independent living services to the diverse disability community. If issues arise, MOD is an independent third party advocating for those receiving these supports.

These are just a few ways MOD is serving the Hispanic and Latino disability communities all year round. We thank you for sharing our vision of a more inclusive and accessible Commonwealth, and wish you a happy Hispanic and Latino Heritage Month!

  • Massachusetts Office on Disability 

    The Massachusetts Office on Disability (MOD) works to ensure that people with disabilities can equally participate in all aspects of life in Massachusetts. MOD serves as a resource to state agencies, municipalities, and members of the general public by providing information, guidance and training on matters concerning disability-related civil rights, equal access, and opportunity.
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