News Commission Releases Statewide LGBTQ Resource Map

  • Massachusetts Commission on LGBTQ Youth
LGBTQ Resource Map

The Commission is excited to announce the launch of the beta version of our statewide LGBTQ resource map that will serve as a useful tool for LGBTQ youth and those who work with LGBTQ youth. This map provides a comprehensive list of resources throughout the Commonwealth that are LGBTQ-competent and affirming.

While Massachusetts has a wide array of resources LGBTQ resources, it can often be hard for anyone, especially LGBTQ youth, to find and access them in an easy and efficient way. This map is a step towards ensuring no LGBTQ youth are without options when it comes to health services, housing services, community groups, and more.

We have endeavored to find and include organizations all across the state of Massachusetts, and want to make sure that every LGBTQ youth in the Commonwealth knows of and has access to as many resources as possible. This map puts these resources in one place, and makes finding organizations a lot easier. There are different searchable categories, as well as short descriptions and links to organization websites.

We want to reiterate that this map is a beta version, and we will be continually adding to and improving on it. While there are many organizations featured on the map, it is by no means a finished list. We encourage suggestions of organizations not on our list, especially ones that are outside the Boston area. We are also open to comments about the map and its uses, and encourage everyone to use the feedback form at the bottom of the website so that we can continue to improve and expand our resources. 

View the resource map here.

Massachusetts Commission on LGBTQ Youth 

The Massachusetts Commission on LGBTQ Youth is an independent state agency founded by law to advise all branches of state government on effective policies, programs, and resources for LGBTQ youth to thrive.