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Maxwell Nashashuk, Program Assistant

The Commission on LGBTQ Youth is seeking consultants to serve in several key roles with respect to our operations and our Safe Schools Program. To apply, please email a resume/CV to Please also include a cover letter that includes any special information noted below in the consultant role descriptions.

  • Safe Schools Program trainer: provide trainings on LGBTQ issues to educators and school staff. Prior experience conducting trainings on LGBTQ issues preferred. Please indicate the number of 4-hour training sessions you would be available to conduct per month, as well as the geographic area you could conduct them using your own vehicle or public transportation. We are seeking trainers from across the state.
  • Safe Schools Program urban schools consultant: in addition to providing trainings to educators and school staff on LGBTQ issues, this consultant will also research needs and resources of urban schools in particular, and conduct outreach to these schools. Please indicate the number of hours you could commit per month and your geographic area, as well as your experience with urban schools or related topics.
  • Racial justice consultant: the Commission is seeking one or more consultants to evaluate and recommend changes to its policies, procedures, and practices, to ensure that it is effectively implementing its racial justice-centered mission. This would likely include evaluating its current work, issuing recommendations, working with or training Commission leadership on how to improve, and helping implement Commission-wide changes and practices. Please feel free to submit a draft proposal, or simply a statement of your experience, interest, and availability in this project.
  • Strategic planning consultant: this consultant will help the Commission's leadership to refine the Commission's structure and the roles and responsibilities of key positions. They will also provide guidance and coaching as needed to maximize the effectiveness of the Commission's members, staff, and consultants. Please indicate your experience, availability, and interest.

Media Contact for Commission Seeking Trainers and Consultants

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