News  DPL has updated the Program Cost Worksheet.

  • Office of Private Occupational School Education

These updates will provide guidance to schools as to how they should complete the worksheet if a student does not know the exact amounts that she will be using to pay for her education. Please note that the Program Cost Worksheet example, the blank worksheet example, and the FAQs have all been updated to reflect this guidance.
- Below is a link to the School Closure Plan that all schools are required to complete as part of their ongoing licensing requirements.
- DPL is pleased to announce that electronic licensing is now available for all private occupational schools. DPL will be reaching out to licensed schools regarding what steps they should take next in order to access this valuable resource. However, until DPL has reached out to individual schools regarding the changes for instructor/staff approvals, renewals, interims, and other licensing changes, please continue to send all application material to DPL as usual. If individual schools have any questions about this, please reach out to your licensure specialist, or contact us at:

  • Office of Private Occupational School Education 

    The law authorizes DPL to license all private occupational schools operating in Massachusetts, subject to certain important exceptions. Learn more here.
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