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News  Four Additional Former State Troopers Repaid Over $17,500 for Alleged Overtime Abuse, Bringing Total Recovered to Over $263,000

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The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) and Office of the Attorney General (AGO) have recovered more than $263,000 from former Massachusetts State Police (MSP) troopers for alleged unworked overtime, including settlements in December 2022 and January 2023 with four troopers who paid a total of $17,584. The troopers were members of the MSP’s now-disbanded Troop E, which patrolled the Massachusetts Turnpike.

In the most-recent settlements, the Commonwealth alleged that the following former troopers submitted timecards between 2015 and 2017 for overtime they did not work:

  • Todd Glidden, 118.50 hours across 48 shifts;
  • Matthew Sheehan, 70.25 hours across 39 shifts; and
  • John Wosny, 196.75 hours across 60 shifts.

In January 2023, the Commonwealth also reached a settlement with former trooper Mark Augusta to repay $10,835.06 for overtime he allegedly did not work. The Commonwealth alleged that in August 2020, Augusta signed an agreement to repay money he received for overtime he claimed to have worked in 2015, 2016 and 2017 but did not. Augusta had agreed to repay the MSP through payroll deductions, but he retired from the MSP without making any payments. Under the settlement reached with the OIG and AGO, Augusta has repaid the full amount he owed under the restitution agreement ($10,835.06).

These cases were handled by William Durkin, Director and Senior Counsel of Inspector General Jeffrey Shapiro’s Civil Recovery Unit, and David Henig, Civil Recovery Specialist, with support from Division Chief Amy Crafts and Deputy Division Chief Christina Chan of the AGO’s False Claims Division.

Created in 2019, the Civil Recovery Unit pursues civil actions, with authorization from the AGO, to recover public funds lost due to fraud, false claims and other wrongful conduct. It works closely with the AGO, the OIG’s other investigative units as well as other state agencies and local governments. The OIG operates a hotline for reporting fraud involving public funds or property at 800-322-1323 or IGO-FightFraud@mass.gov.

The AGO created the False Claims Division in 2015 to safeguard public funds by enforcing high standards of integrity against companies and individuals that make false statements to obtain government contracts or funds. Anyone with information about suspected fraud or abuse relating to state or municipal contracts or funds is urged to contact the False Claims Division’s tip line at 617-963-2600.

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