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Bisexual health awareness month 2019: Representation. March 1-31, 2019. #bihealthmonth

BOSTON, MA — The Massachusetts Commission on LGBTQ Youth is joining the Bisexual Resource Center (BRC) to recognize March as Bisexual+ Health Awareness Month. Bisexual+ Health Awareness Month is dedicated to greater awareness and representation of those with bisexual+ (bi, pansexual, fluid, queer, etc.) identities. While BRC is America’s oldest national bisexual organization, this campaign is relatively new, celebrating its 6th #BiHealthMonth social media campaign this year.

The annual #BiHealthMonth campaign shares valuable insight and information regarding the disparities this community faces, as well as useful resources and ways to improve the everyday experiences of bi+ people. This year’s campaign is focusing on representation, and how seeing bi+ people in media, politics, advocacy, healthcare, education, and other spaces improves the wellbeing and strength of the bi+ community as a whole.

Jessica “Belle” Silverman, President of BRC, explains that “bisexual+ representation is better every day, but bisexual+ people continue to face alarmingly high barriers to living happy, healthy lives.” When discussing this years specific emphasis on representation, Silverman said, “Whether on stage at the Oscars, in the classroom, in political office, or at the doctor’s office, bisexual+ representation (or lack thereof) impacts our day-to-day well-being and shapes our culture. #BiHealthMonth unites supporters across expertise and identities to celebrate achievements and find solutions that empower our community.”

While this is a campaign dedicated to bisexual+ people of all ages, it is important when thinking of youth specifically, to recognize just how crucial representation and youth-specific resources are. Silverman confirmed this importance as she believes “it's important to recognize that our youth form impressions of who they are allowed to be by their role models - be they on television, in their own families, or in their classrooms. The more we can support diverse, positive bi+ role models we can provide young people, the more healthy experiences of self-discovery our young people can grow up with. Bisexual Health Awareness Month allows us to share our own stories in order to build community and to educate allies on how they can best support us. ”

Although the Bisexual Health Awareness campaign is wrapping up its month of celebration and outreach, spreading awareness of bi+ and other LGBTQ identities continues everyday. If you want to learn more, check out #bihealthmonth on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, or on BRC’s blog.

Media Contact for March Recognized As Bisexual Health Awareness Month

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