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Press Release MCAD Launches Awareness Campaign Across the Commonwealth

Agency pushes to raise awareness of its programs and services.
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  • Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination

Media Contact for MCAD Launches Awareness Campaign Across the Commonwealth

H Harrison, Assistant to the Commissioners


BostonThe Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD) is pleased to introduce the agency’s first public awareness campaign, coming to public transit and billboards across the Commonwealth on June 15th. The campaign, which will run through July 2019, highlights the array of programs and services that the MCAD performs to effectuate its mission to eradicate discrimination in the Commonwealth.

“At the height of the #MeToo movement, we learned that a significant barrier to filing a discrimination Complaint was that people were unaware that the MCAD exists; or if they had heard of the MCAD, they didn’t know about our mission or the services we provide,” said Sunila Thomas George, Chairwoman of the MCAD. “We are excited to offer this awareness campaign to educate the public about the important work of this agency, and to better serve the people of Massachusetts.”


The ads detail the methods used by the MCAD to eradicate discrimination, including the investigation of claims, prosecution and adjudication of discrimination cases, and providing preventative and remedial training for employers, businesses, landlords and the public at large. “It is important that the business community and real estate professionals see the MCAD as a resource they can utilize for training services, to stop discrimination before it starts,” said Jeremy Scheiner, Director of Training, Outreach and Education at the MCAD.

The campaign will be featured statewide on MBTA subway cars, commuter rails, platforms, stations, and billboards, as well as on the buses run by the Pioneer Valley Transit Authority and the buses of Worcester Regional Transit Authority. In addition, there will be animated displays featured at various public transportation stations.

To learn more about the MCAD visit our website at, call our office at 617-994-6000 or email us at


Media Contact for MCAD Launches Awareness Campaign Across the Commonwealth

Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination 

Our mission is to eradicate discrimination in the Commonwealth by investigating and prosecuting Complaints of Discrimination that occur in Employment, Housing, Public Places, Access to Education, Lending, and Credit. We also offer training to help prevent discrimination from occurring.
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