Hampden County Regional Retirement Board

Board Director: Karen Martin

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Agawam Corporate Center, 67 Hunt Street, Suite 116, Agawam, MA 01001



Who we serve

The Hampden County Regional Retirement System is a public employee retirement system established under the provisions of Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 32.  The System is comprised of 35 member units within Hampden County; 18 Towns, 9 Housing Authorities, 3 Regional School Districts, 2 Fire/Water Districts, 2 Veteran Service Districts and the Regional Retirement Board itself. There are over 3,100 active members and 1,700 retirees and beneficiaries in the System.

There is a five-member board that meets monthly:

Ex Officio Member: Karl Schmaelzle (Chair)
Elected Member: Thomas Sullivan
Elected Member: Robert Taylor​​​​​​​
Appointed Member: Michelle Hill​​​​​​​
Fifth Member: Patrick O'Neil

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