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Gloucester Woman Criminally Charged in Connection With Insurance Fraud Scheme 

6/01/2023 Office of the Attorney General

AG’s Office Alleges Insurance Producer Embezzled Over $39,000 From Clients

Press Release

AG Campbell Amends Filing Requirements for Small Charities and Requires Online Filing for All Charities in Massachusetts 

5/31/2023 Office of the Attorney General

Charities with Annual Gross Support and Revenue of $25,000 or Less No Longer Required to Submit Federal Form 990 to AGO; All Charity Registrations and Annual Filings Must Be Submitted Online Starting September 1, 2023

Press Release

Attorney General Campbell Joins Briefs in Defense of Laws Promoting Gun Safety 

5/25/2023 Office of the Attorney General

Cases Involve the Federal Ban on Handgun Sales to Patrons Under 21, California Law Requiring Handgun Safety and Traceability Measures


AG Campbell Sues Avid Telecom for Illegal Robocalls 

5/23/2023 Office of the Attorney General

Company Transmitted Over 7.5 Billion Scam Calls to Phone Numbers on National Do Not Call Registry

Press Release

AG Campbell Co-Leads Coalition in Support of Furthering Federal Antidiscrimination Protections for Transgender Athletes 

5/18/2023 Office of the Attorney General

Coalition Also Provides Revisions to Proposed Federal Ruling That Guarantees Inclusion and Acceptance of Trans Athletes in K-12 Sports

Press Release

AG Campbell Announces Appointment of New and Continued Leadership Across all Bureaus in the AG's Office 

5/18/2023 Office of the Attorney General

Current Bureaus Include Criminal, Energy and Environment, Health Care and Fair Competition, Government, Public Protection and Advocacy

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Ahead of Concert and Festival Season, AG Campbell Issues Advisory Warning Public of Ticket Scams 

5/17/2023 Office of the Attorney General

Consumers Purchasing Tickets Should Carefully Vet Sources To Avoid Fraud

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CVS Pharmacy To Pay $6.15 Million for Alleged Failure To Follow Pricing Procedures on Workers’ Compensation Prescriptions 

5/15/2023 Office of the Attorney General

AG’s Office Alleges Pharmacy Locations in Springfield, New Bedford, Boston and Worcester Failed To Follow Prescription Pricing Regulations

Press Release

AG Campbell Secures $600,000 in Relief From Online For-Profit Audio-Visual Production School 

5/11/2023 Office of the Attorney General

Settlement Provides Payments for Certain Former Recording Radio Film Connection Students, Credit Repair, and Wipes Out Various Student Debts

Press Release

Group Convened by AG’s Office Releases Recommendations To Improve Public Participation in Energy Proceedings 

5/04/2023 Office of the Attorney General

Report Identifies Solutions to Barriers to Public Participation in Department of Public Utilities and Energy Facilities Siting Board Proceedings

Press Release

AG Campbell Urges Appeals Court To Protect Access to Abortion Medication 

5/04/2023 Office of the Attorney General

AG’s Office Joins Multistate Coalition To Argue That Texas Case Could Endanger Americans’ Access to Essential Healthcare

Press Release

Holbrook Man Found Guilty, Sentenced to Jail for Luxury Car Insurance Scheme That Netted More Than $300,000 

5/03/2023 Office of the Attorney General

Defendant Deliberately Damaged Luxury Cars To Claim Insurance Payments