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Policy Statement Advisory Regarding Booth Rentals

Date: 12/07/2017
Referenced Sources: Statutes and Regulations (Cosmetology and Barbering)

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Advisory Regarding Booth Rentals

The Board of Registration of Cosmetology (" Board ") has been made aware that many individuals are confused regarding the requirements, necessity, and/or benefits of obtaining a booth renter's license. Therefore, the Board has voted to issue the following guidelines as an advisory only. This advisory does not reflect any change or new policy and merely restates existing guidelines. As always, be aware that the Board retains the right to rescind advisory notices at any time:


  1. The Board issues two specialty licenses for booths:
    A. Booth Renter - Shop Type 4
    B. Booth Shop - Shop Type 2
  2. The purpose of the Booth Renter license (Shop Type 4) is to facilitate salon owners who wish to rent out chairs or other spaces to personally licensed individuals who wish to operate their chairs/spaces independently of the salon owner.
  3. A Booth Renter License (Shop Type 4) on its own allows a salon to provide cosmetology/aesthetic/manicuring services without any other salon licenses via ONE personally licensed manager. This manager may be the owner of the salon if the owner has a personal license (Personal License Types 1, 3, or 6).
  4. If the owner of a salon wants to have employees (other than the single manager), then the salon owner must obtain another salon license, either a cosmetology (Shop Type 1), manicuring (Shop Type 3), or aesthetic (Shop Type 5) license, as the case may be.
  5. All individuals wishing to rent space in a salon and operate independently of that salon in which the salon owner has a Booth Renter license MUST obtain a separate Booth Shop license (Shop Type 2).
  6. Since they need to be supervised, Operators (Personal Type 2) and lower level aestheticians (Personal Type 7) cannot operate independently, nor can they be managers, therefore, they are ineligible for a Booth Shop License (Shop Type 2).
  7. Operators (Personal Type 2) and lower level aestheticians (Personal Type 7) may ONLY work in salons which have a cosmetology (Shop Type 1), manicuring (Shop Type 3), or aesthetic (Shop Type 5) license (to the extent allowed by their license).
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