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Policy Statement Massachusetts Board of Registration of Cosmetology Policy Bulletin Regarding Expiration of Incomplete Education

Date: 12/07/2017
Referenced Sources: Statutes and Regulations (Cosmetology and Barbering)

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Massachusetts Board of Registration of Cosmetology Policy Bulletin Regarding Expiration of Incomplete Education

Re-Issued December 7, 1999


The Board of Registration of Cosmetology voted today to re-issue the following policy guidelines.  These policy guidelines are intended as the Board’s guidelines for eligibility to obtain licensure in the cosmetology profession and reflect the Board’s longstanding policy that educational programs be structured in such a way that incomplete education, after a period of time, becomes stale and cannot be utilized for licensure purposes.

Policy No. 20

Purpose:         To provide guidance to applicants and to Board approved schools regarding how to credit incomplete educational programs. 

Policy:             At its regularly scheduled Board meeting on December 7, 1999, the Board of Registration of Cosmetology voted to re-issue the following policy:

If a student fails to complete an educational program, those hours earned can be combined with hours from another educational program for a period of one year after the termination of the program.  For educational programs discontinued between one and three years, half of the hours earned will be deemed expired.  No incomplete education will be accepted for licensure which is more than three years old.  Credit for any incomplete programs is subject to Board approval. 

Discussion:     Under G.L. c. 112, §87CC, the Board of Registration of Cosmetology is authorized to make “reasonable rules and regulations as are necessary for the proper conduct of its business.” Further, under G.L. c. 112, §87V, 87W, and 87X, students must completed courses in schools approved by the Board.  On this basis, the Board notes that courses of study approved for licensure teach skills that build on one another, failing to complete said courses in a timely manner defeats the purpose of said courses and would lead to students ill prepared to work in the cosmetology profession.  Therefore, the Board has developed the above policy to ensure that only students with a proper, timely, and complete education are able to get a license to practice in this profession. 

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