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About MassWorkforce WIA information issuances

About MassWorkforce WIA information issuances

Management of the MassWorkforce WIA issuance series

The MassWorkforce Issuance Series is managed by the Department of Career Services. The series is numbered sequentially with the first two digits representing the calendar year (e.g. 14, 13, 12) and the second two digits representing the number in the sequence (14-01, 14-02, 14-03). Policy and Informational issuances are listed by Active and Non-Active status, calendar years and then listed in reverse chronological order. A short description appears next to each Issuance number. All of the issuances may be viewed or downloaded in Adobe Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint or Crystal Reports.

These issuances transmit information and technical assistance relevant to the operation of the Commonwealth's workforce development system without requiring a significant level of procedural action. Information issuances are not intended to transmit official, state-level policy. Information Issuances may include training or technical assistance announcements and schedules; conference announcements; labor market information; USDOL notices, performance reports; notification of database system modifications or upgrades; etc.

Active MassWorkforce Information Issuances describe information that is currently relevant. As the subject matter becomes outdated, they are deleted from the Active list and added to the Non-Active list. Non-Active Information Issuances also remain accessible through the website as part of the historical record.