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How to find a contract certified operator and requirements


The day-to-day operations of all public water systems are to be under the supervision of a person who has received certification from the Massachusetts Board of Certification of Operators of Drinking Water Supply Facilities (MGL, Chapter 112, Section 87DDDD). To assist public water systems in meeting the operator staffing requirements, the Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) has adopted a program that enables public water system owners to contract the services of a certified operator. The operator would serve as the primary operator as required by 310 CMR 22.11B of the Massachusetts Drinking Water Regulations. The primary operator's grade must at least match the system's classification and the operator must hold a full status license. (Only secondary operators may hold an in-training license.)

MassDEP put together a directory of certified operators who are willing to work on a contract basis for small public water systems. The directory can be found on the MassDEP website. A hard copy of this directory can be mailed upon request. MassDEP updates the directory each quarter with edits and additions that are received from the operators.

If you would like to have your name listed in this directory or have changes to be made to your existing listing please fill out the Contract Operators Information Form and mail it to MassDEP - Certified Operator Program, One Winter Street, Boston, MA  02108. This is a voluntary program and you are under no obligation to participate and complete this form.

Please be advised that approval is required by MassDEP before a public water system can enter into an agreement with a certified operator. A form is available for this purpose, called the PWS Certified Operator Compliance Notice (see Additional Resources below). MassDEP has no further obligations regarding any such agreements between the public water system and the operator with respect to job duties and responsibilities except for those as required by Massachusetts Drinking Water Regulations or MassDEP's Policies and Guidelines.

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