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Charles F. Hurley Building Redevelopment

Over the next several years, the Commonwealth will be selecting a development partner to redevelop the Charles F. Hurley Building in Downtown Boston.

The 327,000 SF building, located at 19 Staniford Street, opened in 1971.  It contains offices for the Department of Unemployment Assistance, MassHire/Department of Career Services, and other state offices.

The site will be redeveloped through a public-private partnership, which will infuse new uses into the 3.25-acre site while creating modern office space for state agencies.

About the Project

Project Goals

The Commonwealth’s three overriding goals for the project are to: 

  1. Cost effectively renew and/or replace a fifty-year-old asset.
  2. Consolidate state employees who are currently spread throughout leased spaces in Downtown Boston, into state-owned space in Government Center.
  3. Transform the site from an imposing super-block into a pedestrian-friendly part of a vibrant neighborhood.

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  • 2020: Develop design guidelines and stakeholder outreach
  • Early 2021: Begin formal process of identifying a redevelopment partner
  • Late 2021:  Designate a redevelopment partner
  • 2023: Redevelopment partner completes permitting/financing, begins construction
  • 2025+: Redevelopment complete

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