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Contact a Division of Occupational Licensure (DOL) Board

Need to reach a DOL Board? Find key phone numbers and email addresses here.

Division of Occupational Licensure Contact Information

Office Phone Number
DOL Main Phone  (617) 701-8600
DOL Welcome Center  (617) 701-8895


To contact a specific DOL board or office, please review the list below.

DOL Board or Office Phone Number Email Address
Amusements Division (617) 727-3200 OPSI-info@mass.gov
Architectural Access Board  (617) 727-0660 -----
Board of Allied Health Professionals (617) 701-8605 alliedhealth@mass.gov
Board of Certification of Health Officers (617) 701-8781 healthofficerboard@mass.gov
Board of Certification of Operators of Drinking Water Supply Facilities (617) 701-8732 drinkingwaterboard@mass.gov
Board of Elevator Regulations  (617) 727-3200 OPSI-info@mass.gov
Board of Examiners of Sheet Metal Workers (617) 701-8708 Sheetmetalboard@mass.gov
Board of Public Accountancy (617) 701-8635 accountingboard@mass.gov
Board of Registration for Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology (617) 701-8679 Speech.audiology@mass.gov
Board of Registration in Embalming and Funeral Directing (617) 701-8628 embalming.funeral@mass.gov
Board of Registration in Optometry (617) 701-8712 optometry@mass.gov
Board of Registration in Podiatry (617) 701-8717 podiatry@mass.gov
Board of Registration in Veterinary Medicine (617) 701-8723 vetmedboard@mass.gov
Board of Registration of Allied Mental Health and Human Services Professions  (617) 701-8683 amh.board@mass.gov
Board of Registration of Architects (617) 701-8690 architectboard@mass.gov
Board of Registration of Cosmetology and Barbering (617) 701-8792 cosmetologyandbarberingboard@mass.gov
Board of Registration of Dispensing Opticians (617) 701-8713 Dispensing.opticians@mass.gov
Board of Registration of Home Inspectors (617) 701-8709 homeinspectorsboard@mass.gov
Board of Registration of Landscape Architects (617) 701-8680


Board of Registration of Massage Therapy (617) 701-8630 Massagetherapy@mass.gov
Board of Registration of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors (617) 701-8801 engineerboard@mass.gov
Board of Registration of Psychologists (617) 701-8782 pyboard@mass.gov
Board of Registration of Real Estate Appraisers (617) 701-8671 dpl-appraiser-board@mass.gov
Board of Registration of Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons (617) 701-8661 realestateboard@mass.gov
Board of Registration of Sanitarians (617) 701-8694 sanitarianboard@mass.gov
Board of Registration of Social Workers (617) 701-8681 swboard@mass.gov
Board of State Examiners of Electricians (617) 701-8786 electricians.board@mass.gov
Board of State Examiners of Plumbers and Gas Fitters (617) 701-8798 Plumbingboard@mass.gov
Engineering Division  (617) 727-3200 OPSI-info@mass.gov
MA Board of Building Regulations and Standards (BBRS)  (617) 727-3200 OPSI-info@mass.gov
Massachusetts State Athletic Commission  (617) 727-3200 MSAC@mass.gov
Office of Private Occupational School Education (617) 701-8719 occupational.schools@mass.gov
Regulated Activities (Special Licensing)  (617) 727-3200 OPSI-info@mass.gov