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Contacts and Areas of Responsibility

Phone No.
Areas of Responsibility   General Inquiries
Keith Costello 617.878.9831 Labor Service, Make-up Exam Requests, Active Duty Military and Veteran Inquires
Gilbert Lefort 617.878.9758 Exam Site and Exam Eligibility   Proctor Information 617.878.9756 Physical Abilities Testing (PAT) and Medical Standards
Susan Towlson 617.878.9746 Municipalities: A through L excluding Brockton, Chelsea, Holyoke, Lawrence and Lowell
James Barron 617.878.9754 Municipalities: Brockton, Chelsea, Holyoke, Lawrence, Lowell and M through W
Brianna Novak 617.878.9741 Exam Development and Assessment Center Information
Bruce Howard 617.878.9755 Director of Operations




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