DCAMM General Contractor's Billing Instructions

Find Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) contractor billing instructions.

Schedule of Values
Prior to the first billing, general contractor must submit a sample S1B Form with the approved Schedule of Values for the contract to your DCAMM project engineer or project manager (see S1B instructions below).

Once the DCAMM project office approves the Schedule of Values, the general contractor will receive a letter confirming approval.

Payment Voucher (PV) and S1B Forms
1. All billings must be submitted with a Payment Voucher (PV) (Commonwealth's official invoice form) - PV Form
2. Contractor fills in the shaded areas of the PV Form
3. Contractor must sign vendor's certification.
4. Contractor should return the original signed documentation and make a copy of PV form for their file.

Proof of Bond and Insurance
Before DCAMM can process the second requisition for a particular Massachusetts State Project, the general contractor must submit proof of payment for the bond and insurance.  Please submit (a) either a copy of the front and back of the canceled check or (b) a letter from the insurance company, on their letterhead, stating the bond and insurance has been paid.

General Contractor's Requisition Process
1. All invoices are processed within thirty (30) days beginning with the agency receipt date and ending with the payment issue date.
2. Once a requisition is received at DCAMM, it is logged in at the Office of Finance and tracked through all necessary channels for proper approvals. Once the requisition has been approved, it is processed for payment.
3. Please make sure that you have completed the following steps before you submit a requisition.
Requisitions are submitted with a Payment Voucher Form (PV) and an S1B form.

  • All necessary original signatures are on PV and S1B Forms.
  • In accordance with contractual billing periods, billing dates are for a thirty (30) day billing cycle.
  • No general contractor may submit more than one billing on the same project within the thirty (30) day billing period. Any interim billings must be previously approved by a DCAMM project office director.
  • S1B Form indicates all Minority Business (MBE/WBE).
  • All change orders listed on a requisition are approved with DCAMM approval numbers and approved amounts.

Mail requisitions to: Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance, One Ashburton Place, 15th Floor, Boston, MA 02108, Attention: Payment Unit

General Contractor's S1B Form Instructions
1. One original S1B Form and three copies of S1B Forms should be stapled or binder clipped (no paper clips please) to completed PV Form when submitting a requisition to DCAMM.
2. The general contractor needs to breakdown bonds, general conditions, and MBE/WBE subcontract amounts
3. The general contractor must sign S1B Forms or the requisition will be returned.

Note: Any attempt by the general contractor to use formats other than the actual S1B Form must be previously approved in writing by the project office director (this includes duplicate computer formats of the S1B Form). Requisitions which do not follow these instructions will be returned unprocessed for proper billing.

Minority Business Requirements (MBE/WBE)
All general contractors must indicate and breakout subcontractors work which is M/WBE business. If you have questions regarding minority business requirements for Massachusetts state projects, please contact the Compliance Office at DCAMM at 617-727-4053

Change Order Billings
1. Change Orders cannot be billed by the general contractor until the general contractor receives an approved copy of the specific change order
2. When billing for change order work change orders should be listed on the last page of the S1B Form with the appropriate change order approval number. Requisitions with change order billings should only be for the approved amount of the change orders. Please do not round off change order amounts.


  • Vendor fills in shaded areas.
  • A duplicate vendor invoice number cannot be used.
  • All back-up must be submitted in triplicate.

Note: Please notify DCAMM if the vendor's company name or address change from where the checks are normally mailed to. All changes must be done in writing and on original company letterhead and sent to the following address:

Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance, One Ashburton Place, 15th Floor Boston, MA 02108,  Attention: Contract Section

Mail all PVs to: The above address
Attention: Payment Unit

All questions and payment status inquiries should be directed to your DCAMM project engineer or project manager.

Please download a (PV Form) or call the Payment Unit Vendor Telephone Line at (617) 727-4006, ext. 31335 for additional PV forms.