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Discrimination in Education

Learn about what conduct is considered discrimination involving educational institutions.

Educational institutions cannot discriminate against applicants based on an applicant's membership in a protected class.

The MCAD enforces Title XXI, Chapter 151C.

It is illegal discrimination if you were denied admission to a school, university, or other educational institution in Massachusetts based on your race, color, religious creed, national origin, sex, age, criminal record, or disability including blindness or deafness. 

One must meet the educational qualifications for the program and refusal of admission must be based on discrimination related to membership in a protected class.

The law covers admission to a program or course of study that leads to a degree. This may include religious or denominational institutions, vocational training institutions, and any institution for instruction or training.

In some cases, the MCAD has jurisdiction over harassment at school. 


Filings of complaints of discrimination in education must be placed within 180 days since the last discriminatory act.