Downloadable Contaminated Site Lists

Downloadable Information on Waste Sites and Spills

These are some links and downloadable files you can use to further investigate Massachusetts Sites and Spills. These files contain information on the current status, notification information, location and many other details on these 40,000 plus sites in the state. We have both downloadable information and links to our online searchable database.

Waste Site Cleanup Notifications & Status

This database contains the Release Tracking Number (RTN), address and status of all regulated Waste Site Cleanup notifications: over 33,000 records. This includes the same information that is available to search online (see the link below to the Searchable Sites Database), as well some additional site data, in a collection of five linked files (in DBase IV format):

release.dbf - Primary release info
actions.dbf - Actions that occurred against releases
chemical.dbf - Chemicals that were released
location.dbf - Location type for a release
source.dbf - Sources of the release

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2006 MassDEP Regional Boundary Changes

In order to provide improved services to the regulated community and to improve the efficiency of MassDEP's field operations, MassDEP reassigned a small number of communities to different MassDEP Regional Offices. A total of 21 communities across the Commonwealth were reassigned. 

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