DPH - Jamaica Plain Campus Energy Design Build

The project includes the final design, procurement, installation, and commissioning of various energy measures.


JP Hinton Building

Contractor: J.C. Cannistraro, LLC
Estimated Project Cost: $13,274,508
Estimated Annual Cost Savings: $1,207,759

Annual savings:

  • Electricity (kWh) – 941,000
  • Oil (gallons) – 430,000
  • Natural gas (therms) – (307,000)
  • CO2 (metric tons) – 3,800

Project goals:

  • Switch from oil to natural gas for significant CO2 and cost savings.

Project features

  • BAS upgrades for the Tower and Stables buildings
  • High efficiency boiler upgrades for the Tower and Stables buildings
  • CHP system in the Tower boiler plant
  • Replacement of AHU’s
  • Gas metering
  • Point of use steam generators
  • Long term maintenance services

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