Emergency Response Reporting Guidance

Guidance for Public Water Systems Preparing an Emergency Response Report

This Guidance is intended for use by a Public Water System (PWS) when preparing an Emergency Response Report (After Action Report) following an emergency incident and for MassDEP DWP staff conducting a review of the Emergency Response Report.

Regulatory Requirement

310 CMR 22.15(9)(c) requires that "a water supplier must file an Emergency Response Report within 30 days of any of the emergencies identified in 310 CMR 22.04(13)(a), a Level III or higher emergency, as described in Massachusetts Drinking Water Guidelines and Policies for Public Water Systems, Appendix O, Handbook for Water Supply Emergencies, or any cross connection problem that results in contamination of the water provided by the public water system."

Program Requirement

Following an emergency event, the PWS must submit an Emergency Response Report to the MassDEP DWP Regional Office. The DWP will review the Emergency Response Report and, if appropriate, incorporate any required actions into a compliance action.


  • The PWS is responsible for preparing the ER Report, which must meet the requirements of 310 CMR 22.15(9)(c). The PWS is responsible for completing the Emergency Response Report and submitting it to MassDEP within 30 days of an incident.
  • The DWP staff is responsible for the review of the ER Report to determine compliance with 310 CMR 22.15(9)(c).

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