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Facilitators for IEP Team Meetings

The BSEA has facilitators available at no cost to the parties to help with difficult IEP Team meetings.

Either the school district or the parent can request a facilitator for the IEP Team meeting.  Both parties must agree to accept the facilitator's services.

Facilitators for IEP Team meetings are commonly requested when the relationship between the district and the parents is strained or adversarial, when there is a history of disruptiveness at meetings or when an IEP Team meeting is expected to be contentious due the complexity of the issues being discussed or due to some controversy. 

A trained, impartial facilitator, who is not part of the team, is present to assist team members to: develop and follow an agenda; stay focused on the goal of developing an acceptable IEP; problem solve; resolve conflicts that arise during the meeting; maintain open communication; clarify issues; and timely complete the meeting.

For more information about or to request a facilitator for an IEP Team Meeting, please call the Bureau of Special Education Appeals at 781-397-4750.  You can also call the Coordinator of Mediation at 781-397-4791.