Financial guidelines for the Hearing Aid Program

See the financial guidelines.

Financial guidelines

Financial Guidelines (effective January 2021) are subject to change according to the availability of funds.

Family Size* Maximum Adjusted Gross Income**
1 $51,520
2 $69,680
3 $87,840
4 $106,000
5 $124,160
6 $142,320
7 $160,480
8 $178,640

* Family size: The applicant child, parent(s), guardian(s), dependent siblings, and other dependents.

** Adjusted gross income: Total annual family income before taxes, less allowable medical expenses and other deductions.

Assistance is available for children from birth - 21st birthday.

All available sources of funding for hearing aids (including health insurance) must be used prior to billing the Hearing Aid Program for Infants and Children.

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