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FLC frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about H-2A and H-2B programs.


Q1: Can an Agent/employer file job orders directly on the website?
     Agent/employer must create an account with DCS prior to filing the Job orders; it is required only Once, don’t have to do that every year.

Q2. Will the password and email required once we create an account?
     Make a notification of your email and the password that you used to create an account. You will need that information to log-on to the FLC website.

Q3.  Can the H-2B employers/agent file an application without DOL’s case number?
     H-2B agents must obtain the case number from CNPC prior to filing the Job Order form with the SWA.

Q4.  Does an Agent/Employer agreement required?
    Agent/Employer agreement must be submitted (e-mail scanned copies or regular mail) to DCS when filing the Job Orders. Employers representing themselves, do not need the agreement.

Q5. Can the job orders be filed without the employer’s signatures?
    Employer’s signatures are required on Job application for H-2A program.

Q6. Do Agents and employers need mutual acceptance for representation?
    Agents must accept employer’s request and the employers must accept Agent’s via their “profile”.

Q7.  Who will verify the employers/agent’s account?
    DCS will verify employers/agent’s account prior to accepting it.

Q8. Can the Agent/employer modify ETA-790 (H-2A application) once submitted to SWA?
    Once ETA-790 is submitted, it cannot be modified unless there are deficiencies.

Q9.  Does the employers/Agent need to create a new application every time for the same employer?
    H-2A and H-2B job orders can be replicated but must be updated as needed. You don’t have to create a new application every time for the same employer.

Q10. Where can I find instructions to complete registration with DCS?
    Written instructions are included on the side bar. You can click to review. There are also videos included to explain the process. You can access the videos via your “profile” tab.

If your question was not answered, please contact FLC unit at 617-626-5300.