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Franklin County Sheriff Energy Project

Comprehensive energy and water upgrade including solar PV at the Franklin County Jail and House of Correction.


solar pv install

Contractor: Millennium Builders
Project Cost:  $5,554,760
Estimated Annual Cost Savings: $272,757

Project Features

The Franklin County Jail and House of Corrections is a county jail and house of corrections (HOC) consisting of administrative offices, a medium and minimum security prison, and a pre-release facility.  The main jail, built in 2007, has four (4) housing pods with thirty six (36) cells in each pod.  This project includes the design, procurement, installation, and commissioning of twelve (12) energy conservation measures (ECMs) and four (4) alternates at the main jail, warehouse and garage.

The facility has been retrofitted with LED interior and exterior lighting.  The project will address needed HVAC system re-commissioning since the main jail was built, reduce water and consumption significantly, and install a 430 kW solar PV canopy that will significantly reduce the facility’s consumption of grid-produced electricity.

  • Interior and exterior LED lighting retrofit
  • Shower water and kitchen hood controls
  • Variable frequency drives for pod air handling units
  • Ozone laundry system
  • Recommission building HVAC
  • Replace domestic hot water heaters with condensing boilers
  • Condensing boiler for shoulder season use
  • Solar PV canopy

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