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Housing Stabilization Training Calendar

​​​​​​​This calendar condenses training resources which will help staff working with individuals who have transitioned to housing develop skills in housing stabilization and retention.

Upcoming Trainings

Date Training Offered by Location Description and Registration
3/5 Working with Staff and Residents in Culturally Competent Ways MassHousing Worcester Register
3/7 It’s All About Me: Actively Participating in My Own Transformation (new) MassHousing Brighton Register
3/9 Motivational Interviewing (new) MassHousing Holyoke Register
3/21 Reasonable Accommodations 2-Pack Two: Hot Topics MassHousing Reading Register
3/23 Understanding and Working with Preteens, Teens and Young Adults MassHousing Hyde Park Register
3/27 Social Bullying: Assessing and Intervening with Older Adults MassHousing Spencer Register


Please note that trainings may be offered by trainers who are not affiliated with the Commonwealth.

If you would like to list your training here, please email Courtenay Loiselle at