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Key Contacts in the Executive Office of Education

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Executive Office of Education Key Contacts

Secretary of Education James Peyser

Blair Brown, Legislative Director and Chief of Staff, (617) 979-8351

Matthew Connolly, General Counsel, (617) 979-8336

Alexis Lian, Staff Director, STEM Advisory Council(617) 979-8348

Bob LePage, Assistant Secretary for Career Education, (617) 979-8337

Velda McRae-Yates, Director of Human Resources, (781) 338-6104

Tom Moreau, Assistant Secretary for Policy and Planning, (617) 979-8346

James Poplasky, Program Manager, (617) 979-8342

Colleen Quinn, Communications Director, (617) 979-8352

Ann Reale, Undersecretary & Chief Operating Officer, (617) 979-8344

Kim Rice, Secretariat Chief Information Officer, (781) 605-5950

Dee Richardson, Secretariat Chief Financial Officer, (781) 338-6887