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Learn about types of Civil Service Commision appeals

There are different types of civil service appeals. Learn about what they are and what kind of appeal you would want to file.

Bypass appeals

If you are a candidate for a civil service position, and you have been “bypassed” for appointment or promotion by someone ranked lower on the civil service certification used to fill the position, you can file a bypass appeal.

Classification appeals

You can file a classification appeal with CSC if you:

  • Are a state employee
  • Believe that you have been improperly classified in your current position
  • Have received a denial from the state’s Human Resources Division

Discipline appeals

If you are an employee with civil service protection, you can file a discipline appeal if you feel you have been unfairly:

  • Terminated
  • Demoted
  • Suspended
  • Involuntarily transferred (in some cases)

Layoff appeals

If you are an employee with civil service protection, and you have been laid off, you can file a layoff appeal.

Other civil service appeals

People can typically file other types of civil service appeals if they are aggrieved by an “action” or “inaction” of the state’s Human Resources Division (HRD). These include:

  • Examination appeals
  • Requests for retroactive seniority dates
  • Request for equitable relief (non-bypass) appeals
  • Etc.


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