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Make a Donation to the State Library

Your contribution can help further the work of the State Library

Monetary Gifts

Since 1826, the State Library of Massachusetts has served as a remarkable resource for executive personnel, legislators, state employees, researchers and members of the public who want to learn more about local government as well as the state's extraordinary historical legacy. The State Library of Massachusetts' offerings include access to legislative papers, General Laws of Massachusetts, town atlases, maps, city directories, town reports from around the state, exhibits and special events.

Please know that your contribution of any amount will have a positive and lasting impact on the State Library of Massachusetts as it pursues more site enhancement to support its programs, materials, services, books, online digitizing of historical documents, databases, new technology and collection development projects that will help us to continue to provide the quality service that our patrons have come to expect and value.

You may donate to the State Library of Massachusetts by credit or debit card HERE at our secure online payment page.

You may also donate to the State Library of Massachusetts by sending your check directly to:

State Library of Massachusetts
24 Beacon Street
State House, Room 341
Boston, MA 02133

Thank you for your donation!

Non-Monetary Donations

Disclaimer: Non-monetary gifts are accepted with the stipulation that the State Library becomes the sole owner of the donated material and therefore determines retention, location, cataloging procedures, preservation format, and conditions for access and/or publication. When the Library cannot use donated materials it may arrange to remove them from the collection or return them to the donor; the donor has this choice of options at the time of gift and must sign the State Library’s Gift Agreement form. Donors will receive an acknowledgment of the gift from the State Librarian, which will serve as a gift receipt. Appraisal of the monetary value of the gift for tax purposes is the responsibility of the donor.

The State Library will not accept items and collections on “deposit” or “loan” or by any other means whereby the State Library does not become the owner of the items.  An exception may be made for items placed on permanent deposit or loan. Such deposits or loans must further the mission of the State Library in a considerable fashion and must be approved by the State Librarian.