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Massachusetts Career Information System (MassCIS)

MassCIS is an online tool to help you explore careers and find the right education or training program once you have made your career decisions.

Make informed choices

The Massachusetts Career Information System (MassCIS) is an online tool to help you explore careers and find the right education or training program once you have made your career decisions.   MassCIS offers information on: career assessment and planning, occupations, the labor market, outlook, and educational options. Tools that are needed to help people make better-informed career and school choices.

MassCIS covers three categories:

1. Career Planning and Assessments

Complete worksheets, assessments, and other activities to:

  • Learn more about yourself and what you want in a career;
  • Research career options, including working for yourself;
  • Generate a list of the occupations that match your skills, abilities, and interests;
  • Take a Reality Check, to determine if the lifestyle you want can be supported by the career you have chosen; and,
  • Set goals for your future.


2. Occupations and Employment

Explore careers and / or prepare for your job search through:

  • Detailed descriptions of hundreds of occupations, including wage and job outlook information;
  • Detailed descriptions of military occupations and their civilian counterparts;
  • Information on Industries
  • Information on Green Jobs
  • Instructions and samples for developing resumes and cover letters; and
  • Job interview tips and practice questions.


3. Education and Training

In MassCIS you can:

  • Explore education opportunities including two-and four-year colleges and universities across the country;
  • Learn about career training that is available in Massachusetts;
  • Create a list of schools that match your preferences about location, size, programs of study, and other factors;
  • Compare up to three schools seeing information side-by-side;
  • Investigate admissions requirements;
  • Learn about ways to pay for school or training; and,
  • Generate a list financial aid awards you qualify to apply for.

How to use MassCIS

Use of MassCIS is free to all Massachusetts residents. A simple registration is required. In order to sign in each time you use MassCIS simply:

Enter the username and password assigned to your Career Center, school or organization.


Click on the Massachusetts Resident Tab
Choose a version of MassCIS
Select your city or town.
Enter the 5-digit zip code for the city or town you have selected.

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