Massachusetts State Police - Cell Repairs/Renovations

This project involved repairs and renovations to three (3) State Police Barracks in Massachusetts.

Project Details


Springfield SP Barracks

Study and Project Designer:  STV Inc.
Contractor:  Casby Brothers, Inc.
Gross Square Feet:  Varies by barracks location
Estimated Project Cost:  $2,300,000
Est. Substantial Completion Date: December 2018

Project Features

Each of the three barracks are of different eras, size and types of construction. The scope included repairs and renovations - primarily within the holding cell and day room areas of the barracks, as well as renovations to other areas of the buildings including public toilet rooms, entrances and booking areas.

Renovations included:

  • Replacement of cell bunks, cell toilet and sink fixtures
  • Replacement of lighting
  • Replacement of holding cell doors and hardware along with polycarbonate sheet material on cell front doors
  • Replacement of CCTV cameras
  • Installation of panic alarms, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Associated electrical, plumbing and mechanical work and patching and repairs to renovated areas with new paint finishes
  • For the Andover barracks, a roadway pull-off and sloped walkway to the front entrance of the building to make it accessible