Massachusetts State Police - Lower Basin Barracks Modernization

This project includes the renovation of an existing two-story structure built in the early 1900’s and for the construction of an adjoining addition of a modern lobby/entrance space.

The existing building includes a 60’ tower structure (that will be occupied during construction) and the remains of the Charles River gate machine room.  The project also includes the demolition of the Department of Conservation and Recreation's (DCR’s) Flood Control Unit’s stop plank garage.

Project Details

State Police Lower Basin Barracks

Contractor:  Daniel O'Connell's Sons Inc.
Study and Project Designer:  Finegold Alexander Architects

Project Type: CM at Risk
Estimated Project Cost:  $22,500,000
Est. Substantial Completion Date: Fall 2022

Project Features

  • Renovation of 14,000 GSF building with a 5,000 GSF addition.
  • Architecturally compatible single-story addition designed to display the profile of the two-story historic structure and positioned to keep the building footprint as compact as possible.
  • Incorporate design features addressing sustainability and resilience
  • Maximize parkland for public recreation; minimize impervious surfaces
  • The project is targeted for LEED Gold certification
  • Notable sustainable design features include:
    • Green roof and cool roofing in the building design
    • Improved energy efficiency of the building envelope by exceeding code minimum insulation requirements
    • Mechanical ventilation systems to utilize energy recovery ventilators for all supply and exhaust air
    • Water conservation measures include low-flow fixtures
    • Provide green infrastructure to reduce heat islands and address site drainage

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