Massachusetts State Police - Lower Basin Barracks Modernization

Development of an estimated 14,900 square foot State Police barracks consisting of adaptive reuse of a historic structure and an addition.

The existing building includes a 60’ tower structure (that will be occupied during construction) and the remains of the Charles River gate machine room.  The project also includes the demolition of the Department of Conservation and Recreation's (DCR’s) Flood Control Unit’s stop plank garage.

Project Details

MA state police lower basin barrack modernization

Study and Project Designer:  Finegold Alexander Architects, Inc.
Contractor:  Daniel O'Connell's Sons, Inc.

Project Type: CM at Risk
Est. Total Project Cost:  $31,221,690
Est. Construction Substantial Completion Date: Spring 2023

Project Features

  • Expand footprint to accommodate Mass State Police H Troop consolidation
  • Reuse and expand existing historic structure
  • Fulfills Mass State Police Facilities Plan of upgrade to barracks at current location
  • Project serves as catalyst for completion of Department of Conservation and Recreation's transformation of the Lower Charles River Basin and upgrading of the Lower Esplanade along the historic canal
  • The substantial completion for Massachusetts State Police Building occupancy is December 2022; the park portion will be complete in spring 2023
  • LEED Silver designation