Meet the E-team

Contact information for the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) energy team.

General Contact Information

Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance
Energy & Sustainability Program
One Ashburton Place, 15th floor
Boston, MA  02108

Our team

Betsy Isenstein, Director
Tony Ransom, Deputy Director 

Dave Lewis,  Manager for Energy Credits & Demand Response Programs
Krista Lillis, Manager for Savings Optimization Projects     
Michael Reinhardt, Manager for Technical & Large Projects 

Energy Planners
Jessica Brand       
John Crisley                            
Kaitlyn Menyo
Fredrick Mitchell          
Sally Miller                
Robert S. Ross                
Raymond Soohoo
Timothy Spencer                
Brian Wilmer                
Program Analysts, Coordinators and Engineers
David Lewin
Patricia Peterson             
Stephen White                
Jackie Gomes