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MOD Training & Events

Training and events run by the Massachusetts Office on Disability (MOD)

Find out about the regular training courses MOD runs to help professionals and community organizations understand disability rights and how to provide better support to people living with disabilities. MOD also hosts events both for the general public or for specific groups, all as part of our efforts to promote equal access and opportunity. 

Disability Non-discrimination Training

This training is offered to Massachusetts state agencies, municipal governments, employers, businesses, housing providers, colleges and universities and other organizations.

The training covers obligations under state and federal disability laws, including the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), that address disability rights and non-discrimination.

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Disability Emergency Preparedness Training

This training is offered to organizations or groups of emergency planners, first responders, and people with disabilities.

In this training, members of the disability community learn about the personal steps they can take to prepare for different emergency situations. First responders and emergency planners learn about making more accessible community preparedness plans. 

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Community Access Monitor Training

The CAM Training is designed for both the individual who wants to advocate for increased access in their community as well as for the individual who wants to better understand their obligations to provide access to the disability community. It is usually run as a two-day program.

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ADA Coordinator Training

This training is for ADA Coordinators working in state and local government. It is not an ADA Coordinator certification program.

Disability Summit

MOD hosts an annual Disability Summit to bring together and inspire leaders, advocates, and others in the disability community. Each year the summit has a different theme, focusing on issues that currently impact the disability community.

A new date for the next Disability Summit is being organized.