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MS 400.00 Claim Certification

Click on the case numbers below to access decisions that address whether a claimant has met the DUA’s filing and registration requirements pursuant to G.L. c. 151A, § 25(a).

0015 1720 09

0015 1720 09 (Dec. 22, 2015) – A claimant who is in the United States during the majority (at least 4 days) of any week in which he traveled to and certified from a foreign country other than Canada, is entitled to benefits under G.L. c. 151A, § 25(a), if otherwise eligible.

0013 2477 48

0013 2477 48, et al. (Sept. 24, 2015) – A claimant living with her military spouse at a U.S. Military Base in Japan did not meet the registration and filing requirement of G.L. c. 151A, § 25(a), because she certified for benefits from Japan.

0013 2477 06

0013 2477 06 (May 7, 2015) – Claimant who certified for benefits from New Zealand did not meet the registration and filing requirements under G.L. c. 151A, § 25(a), and the DUA regulations.


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