Notice of Applicable Timelines

Timelines associated with filing at the BSEA.

Deadline for Filing Response to Request for Hearing:

Within 10 days of receipt of the Parent's hearing request, the School District must send the Parent and the Hearing Officer a response that specifically addresses the issues raised in the hearing request unless the School District has sent a prior written notice to the Parent regarding the issues raised in the Parent's hearing request. §615(c)(2)(B).

Deadline to Challenge Sufficiency of Hearing Request:

The challenge must occur within 15 days of receiving the hearing request. §615(c)(2)(A) and (C).

Deadline for Convening the Resolution Meeting*:

Within 15 days of receiving Parent's hearing request, the School District must convene a meeting with Parent, relevant members of Student's IEP Team with knowledge of the facts identified in the hearing request and a School District representative with decision making authority to attempt to resolve the hearing request, unless the parties waive the meeting in writing. §615(f)(1)(B)(i) Note that if the Parent fails to participate in the required resolution meeting, the hearing date may be delayed.

Conclusion of 30 Day Resolution Period*:

If the School District has not resolved the complaint to the satisfaction of the Parent within 30 days of receipt of the complaint, the due process hearing may occur and all of the applicable timelines for a due process hearing under this part shall commence. §615(f)(1)(B)(ii)

* Not applicable if the School District files the Hearing Request.

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