Obtaining LSP Board approval for Continuing Education courses, conferences, and conference workshops

Find out how to submit courses, conferences and conference workshops to the LSP Board for approval.

Who can submit requests

For courses, a licensee or a course provider can submit a request to get a course approved for credit.

For conferences and conference workshops, only the provider can submit an approval request.

Requirements for Board-approved courses

Subject matter: To be approved for credit, a course or conference must be reasonably likely to maintain or enhance an LSP’s ability to render competent, professional LSP services.

DEP courses: MassDEP courses must be taught in whole or substantial part by MassDEP personnel, and the course’s subject matter must be directly focused on regulatory and/or technical topics that are reasonable likely to enhance the ability of LSPs to perform, supervise and/or coordinate response actions in Massachusetts. To be designated a “MassDEP course,” a course must also be proposed as such by MassDEP.

Regulatory Courses: These courses must improve a LSP’s ability to complete response actions. This means that the course must focus on an understanding of and compliance with the regulatory requirement applicable to waste site cleanup in Massachusetts.

Technical Courses: These courses improve an LSP’s ability to perform, supervise, and/or coordinate the scientific or technical aspects of response actions in Massachusetts.

General Requirements:

  • Attendance Records must be kept

  • At least one contiguous hour of instruction must be provided

  • Competent instructors who are knowledgeable in the subject matter

  • A written syllabus must be followed

A completed approval request must have:

  • Dates(s), time(s) and location(s) of the course

  • The number of continuing education credits requested

  • A written course outline or syllabus

  • A written statement describing the course’s relevance to oil or hazardous material assessment, containment, or removal activities at disposal sites in Massachusetts

  • The credentials of the instructor(s)

  • A statement from the course sponsor that says they will maintain a record of attendance and follow the course outline

  • The difference credit options LSPs will have for earning specific hours of continuing education credit

  • A statement from the course sponsor that says they will evaluate the instructor at the end of the course

Requirements for Board-approved conferences

A LSP may earn 50% credit for attending LSP Board-approved conferences, and 100% credit for attending LSP Board-approved workshops that occur at these conferences.

A completed approval request must be submitted prior to the conference and must have:

  • A description of the conference and schedule for each session, or workshop

  • The date, time and location of the conference

  • A statement that the course provider will maintain a sign-in and sign-out log

  • If the provider seeks 100% credit for any of the workshops, all of the information needed for course approval requests must be submitted for each workshop

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