Participating Municipalities, Regional School Districts, Charter Schools and Planning Councils

A current list of Municipalities and Organizations participating in the Group Insurance Commission under M.G.L. c. 32B, §§ 19 or 23 or under M.G.L. c. 32A, § 2(b).

List of Participating Municipalities that Offer GIC Health Insurance

Municipalities That Have Joined the GIC's Health Insurance Program to: The following municipalities, school districts and collaboratives are enrolled in the GIC for health insurance coverage.

GIC Municipal Map – a visual map of municipalities that are enrolled in GIC health insurance benefits effective July 1, 2016.

Cities - 12

Framingham (effective 7/1/14)
Gloucester (effective 1/1/14)
Haverhill (effective 7/1/17)
Lawrence (effective 11/1/10)
Lowell (effective 7/1/12)
Medford (effective 1/1/12)
Melrose (effective 7/1/09)
Northampton (effective 1/1/14)
Quincy (effective 7/1/09)
Salem (effective 7/1/12)
Somerville (effective 1/1/12)
Springfield (effective 1/1/07)

Towns - 33

Arlington (effective 1/1/12)
Ashland (effective 7/1/15)
Bedford (effective 7/1/12)
Brookline (effective 7/1/10)
Dracut (effective 7/1/13)
East Bridgewater (effective 7/1/14)
Easton (effective 7/1/15)
Grafton (effective 1/1/15)
Groveland (effective 7/1/08)
Hingham (effective 7/1/17)
Holbrook (effective 7/1/08)
Holden (effective 7/1/12)
Hopedale (effective 7/1/10)
Lexington (effective 7/1/12)
Lynnfield (effective 11/1/11)
Marblehead (effective 7/1/12)
Middleborough (effective 7/1/14)
Millis (effective 7/1/08)
Monson (effective 7/1/12)
North Andover (effective 1/1/14)
Norwood (effective 7/1/09)
Randolph (effective 7/1/09)
Stoneham (effective 7/1/09)
Sudbury (effective 7/1/12)
Swampscott (effective 7/1/09)
Wakefield (effective 1/1/12)
Watertown (effective 7/1/09)
Wenham (effective 7/1/09)
Weston (effective 7/1/09)
Westwood (effective 7/1/15)
Weymouth (effective 7/1/09)
Winchendon(effective 7/1/16)
Winthrop (effective 7/1/08)

School Districts and Union Collaboratives - 9

Athol-Royalston School District (effective 7/1/08)
Blue Hills Vocational School District (effective 7/1/09)
Gill-Montague Regional School District (effective 7/1/08)
Groton-Dunstable Regional School District (effective 7/1/09)
Hawlemont Regional School District (effective 7/1/08)
LABBB Collaborative (effective 7/1/15)
Mohawk Trail Regional School District (effective 7/1/08)
Northeast Metropolitan Regional Vocational School District (effective 7/1/12)
Pentucket Regional School District (effective 7/1/16)

Regional Districts - 2

Nashoba Valley Regional Dispatch District (effective 7/1/13)
South Essex Sewerage District (effective 1/1/15)

Charter Schools & Planning Councils and Commissions and Non-Union Collaboratives (eligible for all GIC benefits) - 6

Charms Collaborative (effective 7/1/15-6/30/17)
Merrimack Valley Planning Commission (effective 7/1/10)
Old Colony Planning Council (effective 7/1/08)
Pioneer Valley Planning Commission (effective 7/1/09)
Southeastern Regional Planning and Economic Development District (effective 7/1/08)
Valley Collaborative (effective 7/1/15)

Participating Municipalities That Offer GIC Retiree Dental Plan

If your Municipality is not listed, you are not eligible for GIC Retiree Dental benefits. Contact your Municipal Benefits Office for additional information.

The following municipalities offer the GIC Retiree Dental Plan

Cities - 1

Melrose (effective 7/1/13)

Towns - 14

Ashland (effective 7/1/15)
Bedford (effective 7/1/13)
Brookline (effective 7/1/13)
Holbrook (effective 7/1/13)
Holden (effective 7/1/13)
Hopedale (effective 7/1/13)
Middleborough (effective 7/1/15)
Millis (effective 7/1/13)
North Andover (effective 7/1/14)
Randolph (effective 7/1/13)
Swampscott (1/1/16)
Weston (effective 7/1/15)
Westwood (effective 7/1/16)
Winchendon (effective 7/1/16)

School Districts - 2

Athol Roylston School District (effective 7/1/13)
Northeast Regional Technical School (effective 7/1/13)

The deadline for municipalities to notify the GIC to join the GIC Retiree Dental Plan for January 1, 2019, is July 1, 2018.


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