Pump System Optimization & Assessments: A Management Workshop

Operators of drinking water and wastewater treatment plants can save money by running their pumps in a more energy efficient manner.

On November 4th, 2015, a workshop hosted by MassDEP, MA DOER, Hydraulic Institute, National Grid, and Eversource, was held to provide in-depth instruction on the methodology and opportunities to increase energy efficiency in pumping systems. Pumping systems are amongst the highest energy consumers in drinking and wastewater operations and frequently offers one of the greatest energy cost savings opportunity. Attendees learned how to assess and consider options to improve both efficiency and reliability of pumping systems. Energy assessments and various options for increasing efficiency and determining cost effectiveness were also discussed.

Topics covered were: pump system optimization via assessments that identify, qualify and quantify energy savings opportunities through maximizing system performance. Includes mechanical or control modifications to the system; pump refurbishment or replacement, impeller trim or redesign, implementing variable frequency drives, closing recirculation (bypass) lines, turning off motors that are not needed (especially in parallel systems), opening valves, as well as using epoxy coatings.

Speakers were: 

  • Nancy L. Seidman, MassDEP
  • Mark Sullivan, Hydraulic Institute, 
  • William C. Livoti, Certified Pump System Instructor,
  • Ram Kondapi, National Grid
  • Kevin Morley, Eversource
  • David Shea, MWRA, and
  • Michael DiBara, MassDEP

Below are materials that were presented. These presentations may take a while to download due to size. 

Agenda: Agenda for Pump System Optimization & Assessments: A Management Workshop 


Pump End User's Inside Perspective 

Clean Energy Results - Pump Optimization and Assessments for Municipal Drinking Water and Wastewater Facilities 

Screening Pumping Systems 

NationalGrid and Eversource: Water and Wastewater Pumping Station Optimization Pilot Study  

For more information on this workshop and similar venues, please call Mike DiBara, 508/767-2885.