Readiness for parents and caregivers

Resources to help your teen with special health needs’ transition to adulthood
  • Transition Checklist 
    A transition checklist and timeline developed by the Massachusetts Consortium for Children with Special Health Care Needs; to help assess a youth’s particular skills and needs in the various life areas to be considered during the transition process, such as education, employment, activities of daily living, health, benefits, finances, and more. The checklist can be used to plan for future actions and link youth to appropriate supports and services.
  • Autism Speaks Transition Tool Kit
  • Directions
    Directions is an organizing notebook and a resource guide for families of youth and young adults with special health care needs. Chapter Nine provides useful information and a skill assessment to help prepare you and your child for the process of growing up and becoming an adult.
  • Children's Medical Services of Florida Youth Transitions
    Health care transition is the process of leaving pediatric or child health care services and getting adult health care services.  When a child or teen has a special health care need or a disability, they should start learning more about their health care needs and services to prepare for when they are older.


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