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Massachusetts Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development’s Department of Career Services, Reentry and Reemployment unit work on the demand side of the reentry initiative. Work involves educating employers on the benefits of hiring ex-offenders as well as developing relationships to give the employer a sense of support.
On the supply side of reentry, formally incarcerated individuals that are customers at a career center are eligible for job search services.
The Reentry Unit collaborates with Sheriffs Offices, Department of Corrections, Faith Based, Nonprofits organizations and some local police station to developed a support network that assist both customers - the employer and ex-offender.

Benefits available include: 

Federal Bonding program: 

  • It is a business insurance policy that protects the employer in case of any loss of money or property due to employee dishonesty. 
  • It is a “guarantee” to the employer that the person hired will be an honest worker. 

Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) 

  • Employers are eligible for a one-time tax credit of $2400 for people released from prison a year or less and have committed a felony.

Helping Offenders to Work: Job Development Tools discusses specific programs that job developers can use to help encourage employers to hire offenders or individuals that may have CORI issues. This includes Federal Bonding, The Work Opportunity Tax Credit, The Hiring Incentive Training Grant, Apprentice Training as well as how to utilize One Stop Career Centers.

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