Speakers Bureau

Raising awareness of women's issues and educating women about the resources of the Commission


The MCSW Speakers Bureau lends the collective knowledge of our Commissioners and staff to speak about various issues that impact women throughout the Commonwealth. The Speakers Bureau has been established to educate, promote and advocate the work of the MCSW. Through this service, the Commission hopes to raise awareness of women's issues, educate women about the resources of the Commission and encourage women to engage in advocacy to achieve positive change for women throughout the Commonwealth.

Need a speaker or panelist for your event? Our speakers are knowledgeable on a number of issues. If you don't see the topic that you would like addressed, please let us know when you request your speaker by emailing mcsw@state.ma.us

Suggested Topics

The Speaker’s Bureau, in its mission to further the goals of the MCSW, seeks to present speakers on the issues that are most pertinent to the Commission. Currently, the Commission has been focused on economic self-sufficiency for women and ending violence against women. Topics of talks could include:


  • Reproductive rights
  • Domestic Violence
  • Childcare


  • Healthcare support and reform
  • Transportation
  • Lack of female representation in Government
  • Youth health
  • Affordable housing for single and elderly women
  • Retirement plans for non corporate 405k plans
  • Teen pregnancies


  • Gender gap
  • Lack of women on Corporate Boards and the C Suite
  • Insurance discrimination




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