State House - Roof Replacement and Exterior Repairs

The overall project included the removal and replacement of the existing flat seamed, sloped copper roofing system on the Brigham Annex.

Project Details

state house roof

Project Designer: Simpson Gumpertz & Heger
Construction Manager: J.K. Scanlan Company, Inc.
Project Type: CM at Risk
Project Cost: $20.5 Million
Project Completion Date: Summer 2013

The Brigham Annex roof work also involved the removal and replacement of areas of low sloped membrane roofing located around mechanical equipment and skylights, the upgrading of the State House roof drainage system, minor masonry repair, lightning protection, and the replacement and repair of the skylights. Additional areas of roof replacement were the low sloped membrane terraces on the East and West Wings and porticos on the Bullfinch Building and Brigham Annex. The metal windows on the 5 th floor of the East and West Wings were also replaced. Included in the State House roof project was the installation of state of the art photovoltaic glass in the Great Hall and selected skylights.  The most severely damaged ceilings and wall areas were repaired throughout State House office and historical spaces.  In addition Cupola lightning protection and repairs to the cupola above the gold dome were also completed.

Project Features

  • Replacement of copper roofing system on the Brigham Annex
  • Upgrading of the roof drainage system
  • Repair and replacement of skylights
  • Upgrade snow melt and heat tracing system
  • Upgrade lightning protection system
  • Installation of photovoltaic (pv) glass in certain skylights

In February 2012, this State House Roof project received three National Roofing Contractors Association awards.

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